US Edition From Simon & Schuster

Canadian Edition From Douglas & McIntyre


“… blends sharp journalism and tender memoir.” — People (Best New Book)

“… a love letter to Kwan’s varied homes and a memorial to his journey through them, as refracted through the lives of far-flung strangers.” — New York Times Book Review (Editor’s Pick)

“… an extended meditation on identity, belonging and a sense of home.” — Economist

“Many of the subjects’ stories are astonishing, and each is unique.” — Washington Post

“These narratives give insight into the relationship between food, ethnicity, and identity….” — Travel + Leisure

“… explores racism and more, one dish at a time… will certainly leave you hungry for Chinese food.” — San Francisco Chronicle

“… a solid introduction to the forces that shape expatriate Chinese cultures and identities alike.” — Quill & Quire

“A heartfelt and entertaining culinary and historical survey of the Chinese diaspora.” — Kirkus Reviews

“A fascinating, inquisitive global search for Chinese tastes that evoke home in any corner of the world.” — Forward Reviews

“… Kwan’s book is more sociological study than culinary guide.” — Booklist

“Before Anthony Bourdain, there was Cheuk Kwan.” — South China Morning Post